What we do

BIGSHOTâ„¢ is a full service advertising agency located in Kansas City, Missouri. Beginning with the end in mind, we put together a comprehensive strategy for each client that will help you attract new customers, sell more products and services, and develop the tools necessary to create a steady flow of new business, all with ROI as the primary focus. We want to be an extension of your marketing team. Taking your business goals and vision, we will develop and implement a long term, in-depth inbound marketing strategy.

The World of Marketing is Evolving

Businesses everywhere are moving their budgets away from traditional marketing efforting and investing in inbound marketing. Consumers are armed with information. The marketing industry is changing rapidly to keep up. BIGSHOT can help you navigate these changes with a trackable, powerful marketing strategy that can create marketing your ideal prospects will love.

What is inbound marketing according to BIGSHOT?

Kansas City inbound marketing agency

Since 2006, inbound marketing has been the most effective method for doing business online. Inbound marketing differs from the outbound approach of buying ads, buying email lists, and praying for leads. Inbound marketing’s main focus is in creating quality content that will spike interest and pull people toward your product or company. By publishing content that aligns with your customer’s interests, inbound traffic is created, which can then be converted, closed, and allow you to delight your customer over time.

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Want to help your company lower marketing costs and reach its goals with inbound marketing?

Let us assess your website & marketing and provide valuable actionable info, specific to you.

Help your company lower marketing costs and reach its goals with inbound marketing

Let us assess your website & marketing, and provide valuable actionable info, specific to you.

Our Services

  • Inbound Marketing +

    BIGSHOT’s services are will provide you with the right content, expert design work, marketing automation, all focused on generating a return on

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  • Consulting and marketing strategy development +

    With more than 75 years of marketing experience on staff, BIGSHOT has the expertise you’re looking for to consult with you on

  • Website design and development solutions +

    At BIGSHOT, we understand that web design is as much about conversion strategy as it is about aesthetics. We combine functionality, interactivity,

  • Search engine marketing solutions +

    Search engine marketing (SEM) encompasses all marketing initiatives aimed at promoting website searchability on the major search engines, with an end goal

  • Social media +

    Social media marketing is the practice of gaining website traffic or attention through social media communities and networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,

  • Content marketing services +

    Content marketing is quickly becoming a principal form of marketing and is more important than ever. BIGSHOT can help you not only

  • Lead generation +

    Let’s not kid around. The goal of almost all marketing campaigns is to bring in new business, make the phone ring, set

  • Public relations +

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