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The road that led Jeff Henry to found BIGSHOT Interactive™ was a little bumpy and paved with some colorful bricks, including a mid-80s bowling career, a DJ gig hosting the “Midnight Snack” college radio show, a stint as rave disc jockey “DJ Velveeta” (because he was the cheesiest), ownership in three dance clubs, and a little time on stage as a stand-up comic. Jeff credits his time in the entertainment and service industries for his deep understanding of exceptional client service. “Entertainment isn’t like going shopping. When you go shopping at Target you plunk down $50 and you leave with a bag full of goodies. When you purchase entertainment, you plop down your $50 and there is no bag of goodies to take home, so you absolutely must find a way to ensure that every person has an exciting and memorable experience. That’s what they are taking home and the thing that will bring them back.”

Jeff found that he had a real talent for promotion and graphic design when he first wrote and designed his own DJ / dance club posters and promotional materials. After returning to and completing art school, Jeff parlayed his passion for great design and entrepreneurship into a new career direction, founding BIGSHOT. He started with one computer, on a desk made out of an old door, in the back bedroom of his hipster rental home in Kansas City’s West Plaza district. Although he first dreamed of creating movie and high-profile rock show posters and staying largely on the art and design side of advertising, he found that he could not ignore his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to help other companies tell the world about their greatness, helping them grow and be successful.

BIGSHOT, more than 15 years later, is now an established Kansas City ad agency, working up powerhouse momentum. Jeff’s success is the direct result of the hard work and passion he put into every one of those first restaurant menus, direct mail cards, and web designs, not to mention the relationships he cultivated with his clients — many of whom still work with BIGSHOT today. “In good times and bad, clients have to trust you. We work hard to build trust and communicate openly, even when the conversations are not easy. I truly believe the tag at the bottom of every one of my emails: ‘Only by becoming obsessed with the needs of our clients and serving those needs with unflinching resolve do we truly serve our clients and ourselves.’ To be personally successful you have to make sure that your clients are also successful!”

Jeff holds a BA in art and design and a BA in English from Avila College in Kansas City, MO. He resides in the Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City with his beautiful wife, Paula, and his son, Hubert, to whom he one day hopes to pass on his beloved bowling ball and vinyl DJ record collection.

What makes Jeff tick:

Hope; BIG ideas; dark, plot-driven science fiction movies like “Blade Runner”; technology; music; and bowling.

Which statement about Jeff is not true? Jeff …

A. Has perfect pitch
B. Has bowled a 300 game
C. Was president of his high school handbell choir

Answer: A. Jeff has bowled 4 perfect games and was president of his high school handbell choir — the “Greenwood Ding-a-lings.” He also loves Bluegrass music.

Contact Jeff at jeffh@thinkbigshot.com or 816-912-0659.



Karen started writing at the age of seven with a book aptly titled, The I’m Seven Years Old Book. The publication was critically acclaimed by her mother. She went on to receive a degree in Creative Writing and French from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, where she was known to liven up term papers by writing them in iambic pentameter. Her degree in Creative Writing jump started her freelance writing career before she became employed full-time at BIGSHOT. Her degree in French came in handy when … wait, nevermind.

At BIGSHOT, Karen oversees the content department, focusing on implementing strategic content initiatives to drive engagement, retention, leads, and positive customer behavior. As a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, she enjoys working on medical websites and silently judging her colleagues’ lunch choices. Karen specializes in health-related topics, maintains her own natural health blog, and is working on a novel.

What makes Karen tick:

Good books, mocha frappuccinos, vinyasa yoga, and semicolons.

Which statement about Karen is not true? Karen …

A. Has lived in Africa
B. Has been skydiving
C. Is a vegetarian

Answer: C. Karen spent a year and a half in Mali, West Africa, as a Peace Corps Volunteer and has been known to occasionally jump out of airplanes. She is also not afraid to consume a formerly living, breathing creature – like chicken.

Contact Karen at karene@thinkbigshot.com.
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Jeremy discovered SEO by accident in 2003 while working as a web developer for a nonprofit organization. Little did he realize until nearly half a year later that his website tweaking corresponded to what was referred as search engine optimization, a subset of search engine marketing that focuses on organic placement. From thereon, he was introduced to sponsored search and was pleased to find that there existed a thriving industry dedicated to optimizing search engine visibility and an agora of professionals actively exchanging knowledge.

Since then, Jeremy has been certified as a Google AdWords Professional, a pre-Panama Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador and an accredited Microsoft adExcellence Member, and has campaigned for over 200 SMB clients nationwide in both the organic and the sponsored realms of search engine marketing.

Jeremy has an MBA from Marylhurst University and a BA in Communication Studies with concentration in computer-mediated communications from the University of Kansas.

What makes Jeremy tick:

Everything Google, particularly the Google Apps suite and Android.

Which statement about Jeremy is not true? Jeremy …

A. Is fluent in French
B. Is an expert juggler
C. Is a PC user (Mac? Is it edible?)

Answer: B. Jeremy lived in the French-speaking part of Switzerland for eighteen years. While he can multitask, he cannot juggle two bean bags, let alone flaming knives. He is long AAPL but prefers to work on a PC.

Contact Jeremy at jeremyk@thinkbigshot.com or 816-912-0661.

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